Used Furniture Inverurie

If you prefer the traditional, vintage look over the more common modern, contemporary look and are looking for beautiful antique furniture to add to a collection, or indeed to start a collection, look no further than this. We provide used furniture in the Inverurie area to an exceptionally high standard and at very reasonable prices.

We offer a wide range of used furniture of all types, from living room suites and sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and tables, bedroom suites and other household items in a variety of different styles. We are constantly on the lookout for high quality second-hand, used furniture that we can source and sell for decent prices.

Perhaps you want to bring a traditional feel to your living room with a classic vintage arm chair, or maybe you’d like to acquire large quantities of furniture for a business: perhaps you are looking to decorate a restaurant to a vintage, retro standard and would like some second-hand tables and chairs. These are exactly the kind of pieces of used furniture that we offer in Inverurie.

If you’re looking for a change from run-of-the-mill flatpack, modern furniture and want to try something with a bit of character, that is built to last, used furniture is the perfect way to go!

We will deliver the chosen furniture to your door for a fee that will be dependant on the size of the order.